Famous Celebrity Kids Who Look So Grown Up Now

Tom Cruise – Suri Cruise

Tom Cruise is the heartthrob of millions of people worldwide, and he has been so for a few decades now. He is famous for his smoldering looks and the adrenaline rushing action shots in his movies. Did you know that he performs most of the death-defying stunts in the Mission Impossible series without a stunt double? Well, we do not know what to call it but a passion for perfection!




When Tom Cruise walked down the aisle with the gorgeous Katie Holmes, they had the world media’s attention all to themselves. And it looks like their child has the charm of grabbing the spotlight too. If you were to take a close look at Suri Cruise, you would see that she’s a charmer too, just like her parents.

We could say she’s the spitting image of her father. Suri leads a sheltered life, and her interests range to as diverse things as sports, dancing, and gymnastics. We wish her all the success in the world!

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