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29 Celebrities Who Disliked Their Memorable On-Screen Wardrobes

When it comes to portraying characters on the big screen or television, actors sometimes have to endure wearing uncomfortable or unflattering costumes.

While these outfits may become iconic and memorable, not all actors are thrilled about wearing them. In this article, we’ll explore 29 celebrities who expressed their dissatisfaction with their unforgettable on-screen attire.

1 – Jennifer Lawrence – Mystique


Jennifer Lawrence – Mystique


Transforming into the blue-skinned mutant required Lawrence to sit patiently for 8 hours while makeup artists applied numerous prosthetics and layers of body paint. This was a challenging and exhausting process that Lawrence endured for four X-Men movies, starting with X-Men: First Class in 2011.

Lawrence took over the role of Mystique from Rebecca Romijn, who played the character in the original trilogy. Lawrence brought star power, acting talent and emotional depth to the role, making Mystique a more important and complex character in the new series. She also performed all of the concert pieces as Mystique, showcasing her vocal skills.

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